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The sports world is hopelessly stuck in a linear system. In 2022, sporty products are still mainly produced from new cotton and prime plastics such as polyester, PP and PE. Raw materials associated with high water consumption, soil erosion, high CO2 emissions and consumption of fossil raw materials such as petroleum. The products often also have a short lifespan: this is partly due to wear and tear (intensive use on the field), but also due to the many sponsorships on products and clothing. Does a club change sponsors? Then usually all uniforms have to be replaced because of the new logo.

New Circular Plastics Alliance member CIRCULR. is a sporty fashion and sporting goods brand with a clear mission: to change the sports world towards a circular system. They do this by sustainably processing residual flows from sport into new products for sport. The goal: to collect residual flows from sports associations nationally from 2023 and to consolidate them into larger mono flows. This makes recycling and reuse scalable! A separate chain has been set up for each residual flow/type of material. These chains consist of a specialized recycling company, producer and CIRCULR.

A good example is the recently set up chain for PE material, which originated from a network event of the Circular Plastics Alliance. The chain consists of Circular Plastics, KRAS Recycling, FLOW Products and CIRCULR. and is set up to sustainably and locally recycle the many torn pawns and bottles lying around into new, Made in Holland, 100% circular pawns. Production has now started, the first circular cones will be delivered in October!

The CIRCULR. collection is not only available to retailers, consumers and sports clubs: the business community is also served. For example, as a company, do you want to sponsor circular corporate clothing, promotional gifts, or the local sports association with pawns in your house style? Then you are at CIRCULR. at the right place. Circular Plastics Alliance members also receive a special discount on the entire collection. Please contact CIRCULR. for a tailor made offer.

CIRCULR. has a clear vision: as a commercial company you also have to make a contribution to society. They do this themselves firstly by circularly processing residual flows from sports clubs. In addition, where possible, the company opts for local production with partners who are 100% socially responsible. The company also constantly looks critically at its own supply chain.

By becoming a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, CIRCULR. join forces with partners to start even more new sustainable developments. In addition, they see the Alliance as a great way to expand their network and to gather and share knowledge. CIRCULR. is already doing a lot for the smallest possible CO2 footprint. But there is always room for more, they emphasize. They hope to make further progress in the field of circular packaging and logistics through the Alliance.

Within the Circular Plastics Alliance, CIRCULR. delivers an important added value. We are proud to have them on board. In CIRCULR. we see a good sparring partner with a lot of knowledge and creativity, who likes to think along with other members on issues. And by working together, they can specifically help partners achieve more sales and exposure in the sports world.

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