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Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V.

Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. is part of Kempenaars Recycling and is based in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. focuses on sorting and marketing various types of hard plastic and foil in order to recycle these plastics. Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. produces new plastics from petroleum, focusing on reusing old plastics. In doing so, the company makes an important contribution to the environment and to limiting the amount of unnecessary plastic waste.

Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. is part of the company Kempenaars Recycling B.V., which has been experienced in the processing and marketing of waste paper since 1946. The company uses the latest techniques to sort paper and has a proven track record in the recycling industry. For example, the company sorts paper into newspapers, magazines and cardboard. It also transports the newspapers and magazines directly to paper mills, so that they can be used immediately to create new newsprint and magazine paper.

In 2011, the company established Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. as a separate subcompany. Kempenaars Plastic Recycling B.V. uses hard plastics from environmental parks as a raw material to produce new plastic. The company has managed to recycle 95% of the household plastic, so that only 5% waste has to be dumped as trash. That means a great step forward towards less plastic waste and more sustainability!

Kempenaars Plastic Recycling also wants to contribute to the environment with its own work processes. The company does this by recycling as cleanly as possible and by also dumping as little waste as possible.

The main objective of Kempenaars Plastics as a member of the Circular Alliance is to contribute to a more sustainable plastic production process: from raw material to product. Because the company has extensive experience with this process and also has the right knowledge and equipment, it can make a great contribution to the services of Circular Plastics Alliance and provide important ideas to realize the goals of the Alliance.


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