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Naber Plastics B.V.

Naber Plastics B.V. is a company specialized in the development and production of injection moulded products. Naber Plastics helps its customers with, for instance, the processing of technical plastics or biomaterials. The company aims to produce its products in efficient, environment-friendly and energy-efficient manners, taking the entire product packaging chain into account. Their overall goal is to make products as sustainable as possible.

For Naber Plastics, a circular economy is the future. It is for this reason that the company gives its customers advise about the most sustainable options for every plastic injection moulded product. For example, Naber Plastics helps companies to turn plastic into a material with a low environmental impact, i.e., a material that can be converted into a new product with only little energy. In this process, new sources can be saved by looking for convenient recycling options. By developing circular products, Naber Plastics aims to achieve a smaller footprint for all basic materials. Besides, Naber Plastics is looking for efficient ways to package food products in order to prevent food waste.

More generally, Naber Plastics strives to make its products as sustainable as possible. In doing so, the company takes into account various aspects, such as power consumption, raw material consumption and the chosen raw material. Naber Plastics specializes in the production of thin-walled products, which require less raw material. In addition, the company uses recycled plastic if possible. Naber Plastic’s production currently consists of 70% recycled material.

Furthermore, Naber Plastics is located in a sustainable building in which the most energy-efficient solution is used for every energy-consuming activity. For example, the company generates 2,000,000 kWh of electricity per year with solar panels on its roofs. Besides, Naber Plastics has taken steps to reduce its energy consumption by 47%.

» More information about Naber Plastic’s environmental policy can be found on the company’s website.

The greatest added value that Naber Plastics has to offer to all Circular Plastics Alliance members is its knowledge and expertise regarding injection moulding. This makes Naber Plastics a reliable supplier for the circular projects produced for the Alliance. The company aims to develop new sustainable products together with all members of the Circular Plastics Alliance.


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