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As the newest member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Rabobank contributes to the transition to a sustainable world. The cooperative bank of the Netherlands supports the Circular Plastics Alliance with knowledge, financing and a large network.

Realize sustainable and innovative solutions that ensure less packaging waste and more recycling; that is the goal of Circular Plastics Alliance. The alliance consists of various organizations that seek cooperation to achieve this goal. Rabobank has also recently become a member. The bank will make an important contribution to the Alliance in terms of knowledge, network and financing.

“Growing a better world together” is Rabobank’s sustainable mission. As a cooperative, Rabobank invests part of its profit in local, national and international projects that contribute to a sustainable world with care for people, nature and the climate. Eric Zwart, director of the cooperative Rabobank: “Rabobank is convinced that circularity is of great importance for prosperity, well-being and a future-proof economy. And that companies that do business in a sustainable and circular manner are more innovative and resilient and are ready for the future sooner. That is why we are committed to a circular economy in various ways”.

Making connections, contributing knowledge and financing innovations
Rabobank wants to help the partners of the Circular Plastics Alliance realize their sustainability ambitions by contributing in terms of knowledge, network and financing. For example, customers with their questions about circular business can turn to the Circular Business Desk, where specialized account managers can help them further with the realization of circular plans of entrepreneurs. Furthermore, due to its large network, the bank can connect the other Alliance partners with relevant networks and companies. In addition, Rabobank helps entrepreneurs where possible to get good plans off the ground financially. She does this herself with various forms of financing. The bank also links its clients to other investors and to PIM Noord-Holland, which helps companies become investment-ready.

Driven to look for sustainable solutions
The fact that Rabobank has now become a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance ties in well with Rabobank’s own sustainability ambitions. The bank once started as a farmers’ loan bank and, just like then, is still driven to look for solutions that benefit everyone. As Eric Zwart, director of the cooperative Rabobank, puts it: “The world now looks very different than when the bank was founded and our customers have different needs than they did then. But our mentality is still the same: always looking for ways to strengthen our shared living environment.” Participation in the Alliance contributes to this, because the Alliance partners together can have an impact on reducing the amount of waste in the world. That is good for the companies in the Alliance and good for the world around us.

Circular Plastics Alliance: reducing waste and promoting recycling
Just like Rabobank, Circular Plastics Alliance is also driven to make the world of tomorrow better, more sustainable and more liveable. That is why Circular Plastics Alliance is working on innovative and sustainable solutions that limit the amount of packaging waste and stimulate recycling. The Alliance does this together with carefully selected companies, such as Rabobank.

The aim of the Circular Plastics Alliance is for participants to make substantial savings on their logistics chain and thereby reduce their carbon footprint. The Alliance was founded in 2019 by professionals with years of experience in plastic recycling, packaging design, production and logistics. Thanks to its large local and national network, its specialist knowledge of sustainability and its financing options, Rabobank is an interesting addition to the existing members.


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