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RTI Blockchain

RTI Blockchain is a company a company that seeks ways to take away all substantial weaknesses throughout the supply chain. With an open approach RTI Blockchain aims for the human touch in a technology driven surrounding. RTI Dashboard is a reliable source to handle load carrier administration made by RTI Blockchain.

RTI Dashboard makes every effort to encourage the use of load carriers (RTI, RPC, RP) that can be used multiple times. The platform supports the registration and follow-up needs of reusable load carriers and thus offers an alternative to single-use packaging. The use of the platform also reduces the paper flow of transport/freight documents and with adoption and data sharing, fewer (empty) kilometers can also be achieved by making load carriers available at the right place. A CO2 calculator is also being worked on. In this way, the user can not only see his savings in euros in RTI Dashboard, but also the effect on CO2 emissions!

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RTI Dashboard contributes to the job satisfaction of the packaging employee who must deal with balance differences and coordination challenges daily. A labor-intensive job that involves a lot of markers, printers and paper. This process can be greatly reduced by using RTI Dashboard because there is no more balance reconciliation process, after all sender and receiver look for the same truth.

Through the collaboration with the Circular Plastics Alliance, RTI Blockchain wants to enable the registration of the Circular Plastics products via the RTI Dashboard, starting with the ECO Flowerboxes and of course more products in the future. In addition, they want to ensure that packaging and its follow-up become an important agenda item for various companies.

By adding RTI Dashboard to the Circular Plastics Alliance, we can share knowledge within the network, especially about the supply chain, and look at opportunities for efficient solutions. With the knowledge that RTI Blockchain brings, they are an important and valuable addition to our Alliance.


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