Johan Thans

Co-founder Circular Plastics Academy and director Circular Plastics.

Rein Hintzen

Co-founder of Circular Plastics Academy and director of Horizonteer.

Maryette Lumeij

Trainer at Circular Plastics Academy and Innovation Designer at Horizonteer.

Floor van Osch

Trainer at Circular Plastics Academy and Innovation Designer at Horizonteer.


Circular Plastics Academy was founded in 2022 with the goal of helping companies and organizations make changes toward a circular system. Circular Plastics Academy combines the strengths of Circular Plastics and Horizonteer. Fueled by the Circular Plastics’ network and Horizonteer’s practical approach, projects get off the ground and encourage sustainable collaborations across the supply chain.

Circular Plastics

Circular Plastics has developed various sustainable circular packaging and transport solutions that make an impressive contribution to ecology, or the CO2 footprint, by reducing environmental impact and the single use of scarce resources. Circular Plastics is committed to 100% recycling of single-use materials.

Circular Plastics Alliance

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many companies. There is therefore a desire from various industries to make their logistics chain a closed loop. But where can profits be made? And how do you do this properly? To help companies do this, Circular Plastics launched the Circular Plastics Alliance in 2019.


Horizonteer is a strategic innovation agency based in Utrecht. They make complex issues simple together with clients. Horizonteer’s mission is to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams for the future: working towards a sustainable, healthy and socially inclusive world. Horizonteer’s expertise is picking up projects on circular innovations and new business models. Their approach is structured according to design methodology. This ensures that a problem is solved in the right way.

Circular Plastics Alliance - a collaboration with partners

All of this is made possible by the Circular Plastics Alliance’s broad network of partners. A project with Circular Plastics Academy gives you access to all the knowledge this network has to offer. In addition, this network can provide you with interesting partnerships to make circular systems a success.

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