March 14, 2024
To see ahead is to govern
In this week of the Circular Economy, Circular Plastics Academy and Horizonteer organized 2 free workshops. Willem Westerveld from Horizonteer and Floor van Osch from Circular Plastics Academy gave the workshop Circular packaging – What should and what is possible in 2024. Together with participants, we looked ahead to the upcoming PPWR regulations, R-strategies that ...
February 13, 2024
Participate in our free workshops during the week of the Circular Economy
Are you interested in the transition to a circular economy and would you like to know how your company can contribute to this? Then join the free workshops during the Circular Economy Week! An initiative of Circular Plastics Academy in collaboration with Horizonteer. Discover practical tips, share experiences and learn from experts in the field ...


February 7, 2024

Working together with Lamme and Cibutex for a more sustainable textile chain

We are proud to announce that we have started an improvement project of their sustainable textile services in collaboration with ...
July 4, 2023

Mepal teams up with the academy to start their sustainable quest

Mepal has recently begun their Circular Plastics Academy after becoming a partner of Circular Plastics Alliance earlier this year. With ...
Eerste trainingsdag Circular Plastics Acacdemy
June 22, 2023

First Circular Plastics Trainings Day

This week marked the inaugural Circular Plastics Training Day, exclusively for Alliance members. Following the format of the Circular Plastics ...
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