Circular Plastics Academy uses the Scrum methodology. This means that projects are divided into subtasks and delivered in short periods called sprints. This provides stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback more frequently.

A project consists of two parallel processes:

  • First, we work on the development of a circular system for your company or organization. For example, implementing zero waste or setting up return systems for reusable packaging.
  • Second, we develop a customized training program for your company or organization to ensure the success of the change resulting from the developed circular system.

Project approach

At the beginning of the project, a vision is developed in collaboration with the company or organization on what needs to be achieved in the future. By analyzing the current situation and conducting interviews, insights are gained into where innovation is needed to think and work more circularly. Once the direction is clear, Circular Plastics Academy will support the company in developing a step-by-step plan and provide the necessary training and knowledge transfer to make the implementation successful.

Working agile

At Circular Plastic Academy, we follow the Scrum methodology. In other words, we focus on continuous improvement, flexibility, and working in short sprints. We have regular meetings with the participating company to discuss progress and make adjustments as necessary. By working agile, we can quickly respond to changes and work towards a successful implementation of circular systems.

What do you get out of it?

By participating in Circular Plastics Academy, you bring your company one step closer to a circular economy. Our training programs are aimed at the entire company and enable employees to actively contribute to a more sustainable future. In combination with the implementation, concrete results are achieved.


If you’re interested in participating in Circular Plastic Academy, please contact us through the contact form.


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