We believe that circular growth is attainable for every business. By providing insights into the necessity of a circular economy, we can create awareness within your company and work together to achieve feasible action points.


A circular system in every business!


Promote the transition from a linear to a circular system through our trainings and implementation support, where we foster awareness, provide the right tools, and guide businesses in successfully adopting circular practices.

We believe that a circular system is essential for a sustainable future. Therefore, it is our vision to transform every company into a circular system.

Circular Plastics Academy was founded with the goal of guiding businesses and organizations in realizing circular change. By joining forces with Circular Plastics, Circular Plastics Alliance, and Horizonteer, we can quickly establish sustainable projects and foster collaborations throughout the entire value chain.

In the pursuit of a circular economy, both human and practical challenges need to be overcome. We assist companies on their journey towards this transition by providing various trainings and training materials in change management and circularity, tailored to the different departments within your company.

We also support companies in the implementation of circular innovations. It is our mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy through education, innovation, and collaboration, enabling each company to contribute to a sustainable world in its own unique way.

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