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Crea Printing

Crea Print Group has been a specialist in high-quality printing for communication purposes for over 30 years. The company designs and produces, for instance, promotional products and creative packaging for displays, outstore and in-store communication material, and promotional packaging. The company is specialized in developing the ideal packaging or graphic design keeping the client’s purpose and project in mind. Crea Print Group carries out all steps of the design and development process in-house as much as possible.

Sustainability is an important objective for Crea Print Group. Keeping the environment in mind, the company has realized an eco-friendly production process:

  • Crea Print Group has realized a closed loop for its water use, which means that water is collected so that it can be reused (once it has been purified).
  • Crea Print Group uses ink without harmful ingredients.
  • Crea Print Group works with energy-saving machines.

The company implements sustainability in its policy with a focus on people, planet and profit goals:

  • People: encouraging employees to cycle to work.
  • Planet: optimizing the production process in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Profit: using correct packaging to protect the printed products.

Crea Print Group also promotes the use of green materials. Besides, the company has created green zones around the business premises and has made sure to install great isolation in obsolete buildings to reduce the loss of energy and warmth.

As a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Crea Print Group aims to gain more knowledge about the use of sheet material made from recycled plastic. The company also expects to drastically reduce its consumption of non-recycled plastics and to use more recycled plastics instead. By doing so, Crea Print Group strives for an effective and cost-efficient way to implement this in practice. This will – ultimately – lower the threshold for each link in the chain to make the switch from an eco-unfriendly process to a CO2 neutral process.

In return, Crea Print Group enriches the Circular Plastics Alliance with more than 30 years of experience with the graphic processing of all kinds of plastics. Crea Print Group also has extensive market knowledge of the horticultural sector, which is of added value for other members of the Alliance.


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