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Flow Products

Flow Products realizes the development and production of innovative products. Engineering and production are managed from the head office in Amsterdam. From the branch in Shenzhen (China) support is given in setting up production, strategic sourcing and quality control. Injection molding of plastic takes place in the modern Dutch injection molding factory. In addition to injection molding, they also provide assembly of end products, production of plastic and metal, electronics assembly and prototyping.

As a developer and producer, they consider it important to contribute to the circular economy. They do this by innovative design, sustainable production and good advice on smart (re)use. At an early stage, Flow Products advises product developers about the possibilities of producing products that are as sustainable as possible. This includes aspects such as the most efficient production method, design, choice of raw materials or the possibility of using recycled material or the reusability of the material. Flow Products strives for a circular economy and uses recycled plastic where the application permits. Currently, 80% of all their production is made from recyclable materials.

Circularity and energy consumption are also central to the design of the new business premises. The most energy-efficient solution is used for all installations. The most important energy efficiency is the reuse of heat. The residual heat from the machines is recovered and used for heating the office, warehouse and production hall.

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With their membership in various collection alliances, Flow Products ensures that the products they produce are correctly separated again at the end of their life cycle and processed as raw materials as possible. Through the collaboration with Circular Plastics Alliance, Flow Products also wants to reuse their own waste flows into renewable raw materials.

We welcome a leading producer of innovative products with the addition of Flow Products to the Circular Plastics Alliance. With the knowledge that Flow Products brings, they are an important and valuable addition to our Alliance.


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