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Horizonteer’s mission is to help entrepreneurs realise their future dreams, regarding a sustainable, healthy and socially inclusive world. They help companies to find the balance between people, planet and profit. They believe that a healthy and profitable company is a precondition for a better world.

They are already helping a number of companies in the field of sustainability and circularity. From carpentry factories via sustainable corporate clothing to diesel generators, by determining the strategy together and taking concrete steps towards new products and services.

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Sustainability is important to Horizonteer and as a company they naturally also pay attention to the impact they make themselves. For example, they use public transport, shared cars and bicycles as much as possible, they print (almost) nothing and the office is furnished with circular furniture.

The employees have (partly) come to work at Horizonteer to be able to exert a positive influence on the world through their work. As a result, they are all super motivated to make the world more sustainable and see that as part of work happiness and fulfillment.

They believe that, together with their customers, they should entice consumers to make more sustainable and engaged purchasing decisions. They are happy to use their skills for that!

In addition, training and learning are central to the company. They spend every second Friday of the month on training for all their employees and are also heavily involved in “on-the-job” learning. You could say that they invest 20% of their time in the growth of the employees.

As part of the Circular Plastics Alliance, they are eager to drive the transition to a fully circular economy. They want to achieve this by working with the various partners to realise new circular products and services.

The focus of most companies is also their core activity, which they are technically and operationally very good at. But if a company has a new idea or business model in mind, for example to start sustainable/circular entrepreneurship, the question is often how you approach it. Horizonteer’s expertise is precisely in tackling those projects. This makes Horizonteer a unique addition to the Circular Plastics Alliance.

Based on an initiative of Circular Plastics, we are going to set up the Circular Plastics Academy together with Horizonteer. With the aim of helping companies implement changes to a circular system. More on this later of course!


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