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Hygiene Products International

Hygiene Products International has many years of experience in the field of food-safe and hygienic work. The cleaning materials are characterized by a long lifespan and are very user-friendly and ergonomic. In addition, (food) safe and hygienic production is guaranteed. Hygiene Products International is the founder of OrangeBrush (high-quality recycled cleaning materials for the non-food industry).

OrangeBrush’s premium line of non-food cleaning materials are made from recycled, lightweight material. Both the plastic and the fibers consist of recycled material. The products guarantee a perfectly clean end result and last much longer than traditional cleaning materials. The products are made by FBK and two other leading brush manufacturers in Europe and distributed worldwide from Hygiene Products International.

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The company has already taken an important step towards using fewer new raw materials and a circular economy. OrangeBrush’s products consist of high-quality recycled material (polypropylene), originating from the residual waste that is released during the production of hygienic brushwork. Both the plastic and the fibers consist of recycled material. The plastic itself consists of 98% recycled material, 2% consists of ink. This is necessary to arrive at a single color scheme. The percentage of recycled material in the fibers depends on the fiber thickness. The fiber thicknesses 0.32mm and 0.50mm are made from 100% recycled material. The fiber thickness 1.00 mm consists of 50% recycled material. In this case, the addition of virgin material is necessary to guarantee the strength of the bristles.

Together with the other members of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Hygiene Products International wants to work towards the goal of 100% recycled material for all products. Within the Alliance they want to network and connect so that in the future plastic from the Netherlands can be supplied from the Alliance via Scratch Recycling to make OrangeBrush an even more “orange” and therefore Dutch product.

By adding Hygiene Products International and OrangeBrush to the Circular Plastics Alliance, we can use our joint expertise to expand the circular possibilities for cleaning materials. That is why we are pleased with the addition of Hygiene Products International and OrangeBrush to our Alliance.


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