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Kapiteyn has been developing, growing and trading flower bulbs for four generations. They grow more than 200 varieties on 70 hectares of land. In addition to supplying propagating material to forcing, they are developing more impulse-oriented packaging and sales concepts together with international supermarket chains, hardware stores and department stores. In addition to flower bulbs, Kapiteyn focuses as a breeder on potted and cut Callas.

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Kapiteyn is already active in the field of sustainability. Because there are solar panels on the roof at various locations, they are largely self-sufficient in terms of electricity. The packaging materials consist largely of recycled material. The separation of plastic, cardboard and paper was already done, but it was not clear to Kapiteyn what happened to these waste streams. Immediately after registering to become a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, these waste flows are now collected in a Kras Recycling container and Kapiteyn knows that these flows are used for new products.

With the help of the ‘roadmap’ that we will draw up together, Kapiteyn can see how they can further reduce waste within their company. By collaborating with Circular Plastics Alliance, Kapiteyn wants to be able to further develop and innovate in various areas.


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