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KIVO Flexible Plastics

KIVO Flexible Plastics is one of the largest European manufacturers of polyethylene packaging material. KIVO produces foil, covers, sheets and bags for food and non-food, as well as many other semi-finished and end products. KIVO is currently rolling out a program to reduce its ecological footprint (regarding both production and distribution).

KIVO aims to produce the most durable or least polluting films. In order to achieve this and other sustainability goals, KIVO is taking the following steps:

  • KIVO develops film that is up to 50% thinner than alternative options. This leads to less material consumption and waste, less CO2 emission during the production process and large cost savings.
  • KIVO investigates ways to process more recyclate in foil. For example, the company makes potting film with 80% recycled plastic and pedal bin bags consisting of 95% recycled plastic.
  • KIVO produces high-quality PRC recyclate, which makes it possible to add at least 30% recycled plastic to stretch film.
  • KIVO uses recyclable bio-based raw materials during its production process.
  • KIVO develops recyclable alternatives for laminate and other products.
  • KIVO invests in energy-efficient machine parts and more economical means of transport. The company also makes roofs available for employees interested in solar energy. KIVO has received several awards for the improvement of its energy efficiency and chain efficiency.
  • Furthermore, KIVO is co-founder of the Plesstics Foundation, which has as its main goal to create more awareness and willingness to act around plastic problems.

» Read more about KIVO’s sustainability policy on their website.

KIVO’s goals as a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance are, among other things, to produce circular flower foil, to improve the packaging material for roses from Africa, and to produce flower labels and thicker sheets from recyclate. The company also aims to improve the other circular flows for flexible polyethylene.

KIVO has a lot to offer to the members of the Circular Plastics Alliance. For example, KIVO has extensive knowledge of the development of PE applications. Besides, the company offers large-scale production options (for recycling, blown film extrusion, bag-making, etc.) and has a large stock of PCR recyclate available for other members.


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