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Mepal has been producing smart (plastic) consumer food and drink products since 1950. They have a long tradition of developing and producing products themselves. Products full of little clever things that give you an enjoyable user experience every day.

Corporate social responsibility is a bit of a trendy term these days, everyone wants to get involved. At Mepal, they’ve been doing it for years. Because they find it important to make products that make people and the environment happy.

Through three pillars, Mepal contributes to a better world:

• Mepal produces more than 80% of its products in the Netherlands. They do this through local partners and social workplaces in the area. In this way, they greatly save on long transport routes and help people with a distance to the labour market.
• The products contribute to keeping food fresh for longer, varied eating and a healthier lifestyle. In addition, Mepal products are a sustainable alternative to one-way packaging and prevent food waste.
• Mepal chooses high-quality materials so that the products last a long time. Should a part break or be lost, spare parts are available. At the end of its life, the product can be fully recycled.

The following results have been achieved in recent years:

• The share of local production has increased from 50% to over 80% in the last 10 years
• Production waste/rejects in the production chain are highly reprocessed
• 95% of the product range is already recyclable
• Service parts are available for all composite products
• Supply of parts produced in NL is delivered in cartons and inserts which are reused (rotation system)
• By designing products for manual assembly, more than 400 people with a distance to the labour market are provided with work every day.
• The origin and composition of all our raw materials is known

>> Read more about Mepal and sustainability here (in Dutch)

Together with Circular Plastics Alliance, Mepal aims to optimise internal waste streams and make product packaging more sustainable in the short term. They also expect their membership to enable them to take new steps in the field of high-quality recycling as well as using the best material for the long life of their products.

The added value Mepal brings is their broad network and knowledge of the raw material processing chain and materials. This, combined with their experience in the consumer and retail market, makes Mepal a valuable member of Circular Plastics Alliance.


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