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Palletcentrale B.V.

Palletcentrale B.V. has been buying and selling used pallets since 1969. The company offers its customers a total solution by 1) purchasing new and used pallets, 2) selling surplus pallets, and 3) transporting wood for its customers. Recycling plays a central role in this process. Palletcentrale collects old pallets (both wood pallets and pallets made from other materials), buys them from companies who do not need their pallets anymore, and subsequently reuses these pallets after a thorough inspection.

By buying and selling used pallets, Palletcentrale encourages the reuse of materials. This leads to less waste and less CO2 emission, because fewer new pallets have to be made. The services that Palletcentrale offers also provide its customers with more efficiency and lower costs. Together with its chain partners, Palletcentrale ensures that the return flow of surplus pallets is sorted, repaired and reused. Customers from whom Palletcentrale buys pallets receive a CO2 savings certificate.

Besides having recycling as its core business, the company also contributes to the environment in several other ways. That is, Palletcentrale has a PEFC certificate for both the production and repair of pallets. Other steps include, among others, that Palletcentrale has installed solar panels on its roofs and works with electric forklift trucks. Moreover, the company ensures the most efficient logistics possible by making sure their trucks always drive back and forth fully loaded. Furthermore, every used pallet that comes in is recycled. The only small amount of waste that is not recycled within the company is recycled into biomass to make sure it does not get wasted.

ยป Have a look at Palletcentrale’s CSR policy for more information about their sustainability goals.

Palletcentrale has an important contribution to make to Circular Alliance Plastics with its extensive knowledge of and experience with recycling and circular initiatives. Together with the other members of the Alliance, the company hopes to develop initiatives to make the residual flows of plastic pallets circular. In particular, Palletcentrale aims to develop universal plastic pallets that are made entirely from recycled materials. That would make a clever way to reuse more plastic waste.


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