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Eerste trainingsdag Circular Plastics Acacdemy
Circular Plastics Academy trainingsdag
June 22, 2023
First Circular Plastics Trainings Day

This week marked the inaugural Circular Plastics Training Day, exclusively for Alliance members. Following the format of the Circular Plastics Academy, the theme of Regulation & Change Management was highlighted, as it generated considerable interest. It was a vibrant morning filled with interactive discussions and hopeful ideas.

The morning began with an introduction, giving everyone the opportunity to proudly share their own innovations and businesses. We then delved deeper into the subject matter, discussing upcoming regulations and laws, as well as the stricter enforcement of existing rules.

At the Academy training sessions, our aim is to translate the information in a way that yields immediately applicable action points for attending businesses. Consequently, the Academy trainers only spoke for a small portion of the time, allowing for more interactive exercises and discussions among the diverse Alliance members.

To facilitate the direct application of information to the participating companies, worksheets were provided. These worksheets contained the assignments discussed during the presentation. Participants were encouraged to jot down the most relevant goals for their own enterprises on these worksheets. Sharing these goals brought up familiar points, as well as different perspectives due to the presence of various industries. This also inspired potential collaborations among Alliance members.


The training was not only interesting but also highly educational to hear about the challenges and approaches of other players.” – Dino Brouwer (Forbo Eurocol)


The second part of the training focused on recognizing the different mindsets of employees or customers. This is crucial because each mindset has a different motivation and therefore requires a distinct approach.

It was inspiring to witness the engaged members discuss the possible steps they need to take in the near future. We are pleased to see the worksheets filled out and taken home, and we hope they will contribute to significant and sustainable progress.


I’m glad I can take the worksheet home; it will serve as a reminder of what I want to do and the context surrounding it.” – Mexx Schilder (Succes Schoonmaak)



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