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July 4, 2023
Mepal teams up with the academy to start their sustainable quest

Mepal has recently begun their Circular Plastics Academy after becoming a partner of Circular Plastics Alliance earlier this year. With the support and training provided by the Academy, Mepal will explore how to achieve their circular goals.

Mepal is known for their sustainable products in the food and drink sector, and they aim to extend this vision to their packaging and operations. They intend to optimize internal waste streams and make their product packaging more sustainable in the near future. Additionally, Mepal expects to take new steps in high-quality recycling. Circular Plastics Academy will work with Mepal to analyze their current business processes and explore the implementation of new technologies and partnerships.

We have begun analyzing Mepal’s packaging to identify new avenues for improvement. Recently, we conducted a “Zero Waste scan” at their warehouse and office in Lochem. This scan explores possibilities to transform precious waste into valuable material streams. Initial insights, such as establishing an LDPE mono-stream with Circular Bags, are already making a significant impact.

Mepal is determined to apply their knowledge and expertise in raw materials and the consumer market through this collaboration with the Alliance, thereby making a positive contribution to the circular economy.


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